Keep Dreaming

Kate Swaffer, Diagnosed with semantic dementia Australia

I was diagnosed with a rare younger onset dementia when I was 49, possibly semantic, my life has changed in ways that are hard to understand.
Dementia represents the end of dreaming, a long and unforgiving one-way odyssey into obscurity, clouded in a thick and unforgiving fog. And yet, in spite of dementia, I have found ways to keep dreaming and I strive every moment of every day to develop a more welcoming approach to illness, disability, dementia and death, and to see them as the gifts that they have become, and for now, my life continues to be interesting, busy and very fulfilling. My daily motto continues to be to live every day as if it is my last, just in case it is! With my family and the close friends who have stayed by our side, we strive to stay as close and connected as we can, as we all hang onto each other on the wild ride of The Dementia Train, sharing as much time and love as is humanly possible

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