Better when I paint

Berna and her mother Hilgos USA

As my mother, who had been an artist, struggled with Alzheimer’s in her later years, I asked her if perhaps she might want to paint again. And she said “Oh yes! I remember better when I paint.”
With that phrase ringing in my mind, I became determined to somehow bring my mother back from her detached state. So, I enlisted the help of her doctor. With his help, plus the efforts of a dedicated group of art students, and with strong encouragement from our family, my mother, who had used the name Hilgos to sign her work, picked up her brush once again at the age of 90 and began to paint. Through painting and sculpting she emerged from her listless state, and reconnected to the world around her. Her Alzheimer’s symptoms eased, at least in part; she spoke, she danced, she played catch, she sculpted, and she painted and painted and painted

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