Receiving more than giving

Trinidad and her husband Facundo Spain

Ever since Alzheimer showed up in our lives to stay, my husband and I have become more affectionate with one another. Now he shows me every day that he loves me as I show him, and not only by taking care of him daily. Until not long ago, when we would sit side by side in the sofa alone, he would look deep into my eyes and with that Andalusian accent of his and that smile of his that has always dazzled me, he would say: “you are the most wonderful woman in the world.”
These days when words don’t always come out, we simply kiss, we stare into each other’s eyes, we hold each other’s faces; we speak with gestures and smiles. During those moments, I feel truly fulfilled.
Although taking care of him throughout these years has not always been easy, I feel I receive much more than I give. He makes me feel secure.

Trinidad Pinto