Javier and his mother, Rosa Spain

Communication with my mother was reduced to smiles and looks, especially into the eyes. Many times, we noticed that she smiled with a glance, although her facial expression because of her mouth showed a serious look. Just by looking at us, she transmitted her need for affection and she showed us how thankful she was when she received it.
She also expressed herself using gestures. When something caused her pain or there was something she didn’t like, her face would wrinkle up. For example, she loved eating and we knew perfectly well when she protested because we took her plate away.
We also discovered the power of touch. We’re a family that’s not used to touching each other but, suddenly, we felt the need to do so.
Living with someone who’s ill like this has its difficult moments, but the illness has taught us a lot. We’ve learnt to touch each other and express affection naturally

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