Time released messages

Javier and his grandmother, Juana, and his great-aunt, María Deogracias Spain

Even after they have gone, they still are showing me the way. Somehow they left time-released messages inside of me that open when the right moment comes. I’m sure of one thing: knowledge is not just transmitted with words. Sometimes, it can be transmitted with a simple kiss, with a hug, or, what’s even more incredible, it can move from one heart to another with a simple glance. When I was with them, they were not just my relatives; they were independent beings, unique, unrepeatable, essential, without protocols, without ranks. The relationship was heart-to-heart. The best way we communicated was listening to each other, even in silence.
They gave up all conventions letting the flow of their feelings and emotions show up cleanly without retaining any social code or protocol. Is this not a wonderful opportunity for two human beings to connect essence to essence

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