Present simple tense

Paz and her father Spain

My relationship with my father has evolved to the point where the only tense we use is “present simple”: the immediate present, the here and now. My father doesn’t like it when we ask him what he was doing just before I arrived, or what plan he has for this afternoon. Not even when we ask him about plans, which will come soon, inside of his routine. He doesn’t like questions like this because, he says, he feels as if he’s being evaluated, tested. When I’m with him, we share the peacefulness and joy of spending time together. I see him at lunchtime. I sit with him in the dining room and I watch him eat. I ask him if he enjoys what he’s eating. I mention that the dish that he has in front of him looks delicious. I compliment him on how well he looks, on how he’s dressed. And I tell him that I love him

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