Skin on skin

Laura and her mother, Conchita Spain

The connection between us appeared simply upon seeing her face change, as soon as I got home. From having a lost, sad expression, I could see her appearance change in how she smiled, how her eyes shone and how her face lit up. Even if she didn’t remember my name (and possibly didn’t remember that she was my mother), she somehow recognized me, and that made her feel good.
In her gaze and her gestures, I found a new way for us to speak; this time, without words. Any bother or sadness that she might have had disappeared when we kissed, hugged and touched each other. I believe that she needed human, familiar contact so that she wouldn’t become totally lost in the darkness of her ill mind.
It’s made me discover unconditional love, skin on skin, without words, and learn new ways to express tenderness. I didn’t use to say, “I love you”; now I do it all the time, especially with her.

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