Video with the Learnings from Alzheimer’s

At Moving Your Soul we have been collecting for years stories from great people who have discovered how to find in Alzheimer’s, beyond the pain and sadness, a reason for joy, growth and learning in their own lives. A few weeks ago we decided to ask a new question through the social media:

What have you learnt from Alzheimer’s?

In this video you can see the inspiring responses we have received, selected and translated with all our best intention and gratitude. Lots of people from different parts of the world have shared in few words a hopeful message from dementia/Alzheimer’s. Thank you everyone for participating!

Enjoy the video and if you know someone who can appreciate it, please share!!

2 thoughts on “Video with the Learnings from Alzheimer’s

  1. Gracias a la vida, por darme tanto; gracias a Dios Eterno por todas y todos los seres hermosos que, aún con su Alzhaimer, viven y nos ayudan a vivir!

  2. Muchas gracias, María Elena, por haber participado. Qué bonito que hayamos encontrado a tantas personas con aprendizajes maravillosos para inspirar a otros en la misma situación. Nuestros mejores deseos para ti, del Equipo de Moving Your Soul, que ya sabes dónde encontrarnos. Puedes ver más sobre nosotros en el apartado “Quiénes somos” de la web. ¡Gracias!