Daughters and mothers

When we travel, something changes inside of us, if we embrace the experience. Something similar happens with Alzheimer’s: It is a one-way journey, with no way back, whether we want one or not, and it shakes us to our core. To begin with we refuse to accept everything it involves, above all the goodbyes that come with it. And we are also scared of what is to come.

This ebook is a collection of the real life stories of daughters and how they experienced the dementia of their mothers. Each one of these testimonials in reality represents a stage that many people go through on this journey of learning to live with dementia. From pain to happiness, passing through doubt, nostalgia and fear.

Some of the protagonists of these testimonials have now reached the end of their journey, and others continue along it. If you are in the middle of yours, these stories may throw some light upon your own path.

Olga Romanillos & Beatriz Ariza