Alzheimer’s and personal growth

I never imagined that the most important lessons I would learn from my mother, would be imparted without her even realising it, during the stage of her life dominated by Alzheimer’s.  I am sure she would be surprised too if she knew how much she continues to teach me, from her wheelchair, with her mobilityContinue reading “Alzheimer’s and personal growth”

People with dementia provide a voice in the world that should be heard

These days , after our colleague and friend Begoña has left us, we have been remembering all those days that provided us with her wise presence in Moving your Soul . And part of her legacy is this article we publish today, and, for some reason, was not released at the time she wrote it.Continue reading “People with dementia provide a voice in the world that should be heard”

Amazing Presence

Dementia is a loss of brain function that affects memory, thinking, language, judgment, and behavior. I work in home health as a physical therapist and occasionally have patients with some form of dementia that impacts their independent living. The role of rehabilitation with these patients can be very challenging depending on the stage of theContinue reading “Amazing Presence”

Time released messages

There have been two cases in my family of people who have suffered this natural regression to states and stations of childhood: my maternal grandmother, Juana, and one of my great-aunts, María Deogracias, both of whom were very special to us. I remember my grandmother encouraging and supporting me as if she were a youngContinue reading “Time released messages”

Let Yourself Be Guided

This afternoon, I was with my father at the residence where he’s been for the last three months. He has dementia that is compatible with Alzheimer’s. It was a special afternoon. Now that I’m writing these words, I feel truly moved. The relationship I have with my father has always been very powerful, and thereContinue reading “Let Yourself Be Guided”

“ I´m still here ”

My grandmother lost her ability to speak very quickly, but when she did speak, we tried to maintain the conversation no matter how bizarre it may seem. We knew that even though the words she spoke might not make sense in that specific context, there was something she needed to tell us so we madeContinue reading ““ I´m still here ””