Better when I paint

This is a story about approaching Alzheimer’s through a wellness orientation. And, in my mother’s case, it is about an artist regaining the confidence to sign her paintings and exhibit her work. It is about people regaining their sense of identity, instead of progressively losing it. My mother´s determined spirit, exuberance, and an insistence onContinue reading “Better when I paint”

A wedding at the care home?

¨Mum’s talking nonsense¨, said Marisol to her sister Juani, ¨she says she has been at a wedding!!¨ ¨Well, don’t worry, she is 92 years old and such lapses are normal..¨ But no; Soledad, the mother of the two sisters was not talking nonsense, even though she is living in a care home where most ofContinue reading “A wedding at the care home?”