The Role of Status in Alzheimer’s disease Interactions

As we love this article posted by Evan Bass on his blog, we have asked him permission to share it. And we love it because it talks about something very common in the relationship between family members or caregivers and people with Alzheimer’s: the difficult balance between taking a responsible role to someone who loses her capacities,Continue reading “The Role of Status in Alzheimer’s disease Interactions”

And one day I started to take pictures of her

Why do we continually take photographs, in all types of social situations, but when we are with someone who has Alzheimer’s we forget to get the camera or phone out to immortalize that moment? Could it be that we are determined not to remember our loved one in that phase of their life, but ratherContinue reading “And one day I started to take pictures of her”

Alzheimer’s opened the door

My mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 64, after a tough life devoted to her children… and after a life dominated by one of her inner demons that made our mother-daughter relationship a hell for many years. It was during 12 years of illness, and with professional help, with dedicationContinue reading “Alzheimer’s opened the door”