People with Alzheimer’s keep their “vital spark” intact until the very end of their lives

People with Alzheimer’s continue to be people right up until their last breath and, like any other human being, retain intact the need to communicate. Even when we believe them to be immersed in their own world, or when they no longer have the facility with words like before. But this does not mean they haveContinue reading “People with Alzheimer’s keep their “vital spark” intact until the very end of their lives”

Reminiscence in Alzheimer’s and other kinds of dementia

In Moving Your Soul we have started a podcast in Spanish, and our third episode is an interview about Reminiscence in dementia. Our special guest is Raül Vilar. Here you can find some links to know more about it: European Reminiscence Network: Pam Schweitzer:

Entering her world

Communication ended up being the most difficult part. I have to admit that it was really difficult for me to put myself in her place and internalize that, as the disease progressed, she moved backwards in terms of knowledge, language and behaviour. I never did understand that what she could do one day, with totalContinue reading “Entering her world”

Letter to my Mother

You have distanced yourself from the past and maybe you don’t know about the future anymore. But for me, you’re here in the present. I still feel your mother’s love, with the certainty that it is more intense than before. You still give me shivers of happiness in exchange for nothing. Your memories disappear, andContinue reading “Letter to my Mother”

Granny, poem by Nayeli to her grandmother with Alzheimer’s

We just received from Berlin this testament to the bond between grandmother and granddaughter. Nayeli, a 17 year-old granddaughter, is trying to find a way to be with her grandmother Blanca Nieves, and from that search comes a poem. It is not the first poem we have received from family members of people with Alzheimer’s.Continue reading “Granny, poem by Nayeli to her grandmother with Alzheimer’s”