Granny, poem by Nayeli to her grandmother with Alzheimer’s

We just received from Berlin this testament to the bond between grandmother and granddaughter. Nayeli, a 17 year-old granddaughter, is trying to find a way to be with her grandmother Blanca Nieves, and from that search comes a poem. It is not the first poem we have received from family members of people with Alzheimer’s.Continue reading “Granny, poem by Nayeli to her grandmother with Alzheimer’s”

A wedding at the care home?

¨Mum’s talking nonsense¨, said Marisol to her sister Juani, ¨she says she has been at a wedding!!¨ ¨Well, don’t worry, she is 92 years old and such lapses are normal..¨ But no; Soledad, the mother of the two sisters was not talking nonsense, even though she is living in a care home where most ofContinue reading “A wedding at the care home?”

“ I´m still here ”

My grandmother lost her ability to speak very quickly, but when she did speak, we tried to maintain the conversation no matter how bizarre it may seem. We knew that even though the words she spoke might not make sense in that specific context, there was something she needed to tell us so we madeContinue reading ““ I´m still here ””

Transforming my feelings

My mother has Alzheimer, so-called stage 4-5 If I am correct. This means she has almost no memory for facts . In general she is only able to follow a conversation for the length of two sentences and she increasingly has difficulty finding the right words. Last week, she kept on praising the “Blue Rain”,Continue reading “Transforming my feelings”