What if we stopped looking at Alzheimer’s disease as a loss of the affected person and begin to see it as a possibility to create a new relationship, a different communication space?

Moving your Soul, Another way to be with Alzheimer’s, is a project that aims, from the discipline of coaching, to bring the society another way to deal with the progressive loss of the person that we love. We are a team of professional coaches with firsthand experience in the difficult journey of the dementia and we know that a different way of living Alzheimer is possible.

People with the disease need to be seen, heard and treated as the full human beings that they are, with their vital essence intact, and it is in the hand of their caregivers and family to acknowledge that. Only an open attitude towards the disease will allow the encounter with the other human being beyond the limitations of the symptoms.

Olga Romanillos
Professional Certified Coach Coach (CTI, ICF), trained on the Validation methodology by Naomi Fail and Co-founder of Moving Your Soul, Otra manera de vivir el Alzheimer. With her work, Olga always seeks that people achieve a greater level of connection with themselves and with others, especially those who, being closer, seem to have gone very far.
Olga has lived firsthand the impact of dementia on her family, through the relationship with her mother, who had more than ten years a Lewis Bodies dementia. She has extensive experience giving lectures and workshops for family members and professional caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s in day care centers and nursing homes.

Susana García Pinto
Professional Certified Coach Coach (CTI, ICF) and trainer, specialised in the fields of Emotional Intelligence and effective Communication. Susana combines an innate passion for understanding the fundamentals of human connection with her direct experience in Alzheimer’s. She is Co-founder of Moving your Soul, a different way to be with Alzheimer´s and author of “La luz de tu silencio” where she shares her personal journey through dementia alongside her father Facundo, as well as the keys to living the disease in a more conscious and creative way. Since 2012, Susana has partnered with many associations, care homes and the media facilitating talks and workshops for caregivers to people with dementia and spreading the message that a brighter perspective on this disease is possible.

This project has been made possible thanks to the generous collaboration of an exceptional group of people.