Sad and grateful

Today we are infinitely sad and infinitely grateful in MyS. Sad because Begoña has gone and feel the emptiness of her departure. And infinitely grateful for her love, her friendship, her soul always active and committed to our vision.

Our hearts are with her loved ones; her husband Gavin, her daughter Lorna, her parents, family and friends. To them we can only embrace and offer our support.

Thank you, Begoña, for sharing so much with us. Rest in peace.

We want to share her message and her words with all of you… the wisdom that she shared with us…

“Picasso has an engraving with three blue spots that colour the skirt, the bust and the face of his first wife, Olga Koklova. The rest of the body are pencil strokes. When I look at it, an overwhelming emotion arises of profound fragility and resonance. All this, by just looking at the stains of blue in her skirt, her bust and her face which is what is highlighted.

Accessing dementia from that which remains; accessing the human being who is, this is my leitmotiv. And ‘Moving your Soul’, allows me to create a more beautiful and more honest world, just as the metaphor of Picasso’s picture.”

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