Moonlight Sonata

I remember his hands at the piano, where he could be for hours… He had a serious face, as he was in the middle of something more important than him… His expression showed me the great love that he had for Music. He loved it almost as much as the love he felt about her dear wife and family… He met her when they were young, and I always loved when he told me stories about those times when they were in love… That was my grandpa, a fascinating person that I’ll always have in my heart, and the person that I can feel when I visit him at the care home.

Even though we don’t have that complicity any more, now I feel that I can learn more from him. I think that now he is wiser than when he was a lawyer. What I most enjoy and admire is the way he enjoys little things. For example, when we are in the garden, he looks at a tree and he says “how beautiful this tree is ”, and he can say it a lot of times without getting tired, nor him neither me. He’s got that capacity of surprise which I admire, as a philosopher, and the innate curiosity that sometimes I forget to practice.

Now he can’t play the Moonlight in the piano anymore. However, if I play that song in my Ipod, he feels happy and enjoys it very much. I like his great sense of humor when he says: “this song sounds great, I don’t know whether it’s mine or Bethoven’s”. And he smiles. He always preferred imagination to memory…

Nowadays his favourite songs are not the best classical themes any more… Today he’d rather sing a popular song than anything. We sing together in the care home, and in a momment, a lot of persons there join us. I don’t know whether I want to smile or to cry, but anyway what I feel is happiness, some kind of joy that is difficult to find in other moments of my daily life.

Dear Grandpa, you’re an oasis in my life… I feel lucky to enjoy your existence. But there are moments when I stay alone, crying, listening to the Moonlight Sonata of Bethoven… And I miss you, I miss it… But I also hold it in my heart, everything that you’ve given to us all your life.

Beatriz Ariza

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