We’ve got an appointment for December: “How you are to me”


I often lose myself on the Internet, browsing from one website to another, until I realise I have wasted half an hour without achieving anything. But other times one “magic click” puts me in touch with what I had hoped for and fills me with inspiration.

That is what happened to me last week, when I came across Evan Bass’ project on a crowdfunding website via which they were trying to source the funds they need to carry it out. It is a film. This is how they describe their project:

The short film centers on a couple, one living with Alzheimer’s and the other his wife who is his 24-hr caregiver. The story is a single day in their lives, at the crucial point past the early stage of the disease, when the caregiver is at the point of being overwhelmed from what she can handle solely on her own. The story follows the difficulties of communication but also highlights the pure joy that can still be found even when someone is in a later stage of the disease. From the realities of day to day living with the disease to the use of arts and earlier life experiences to create connections, the story is the roller coaster that is the average day of someone living with Alzheimer’s and for someone who is a caregiver. And yet, that is not all there is to this story, at the same time the film also has the additional layer of integrating in techniques, when utilized, that help people better connect and communicate with individuals with Alzheimer’s

Yes, this is the type of initiative so much needed in the world of Alzheimer’s and other similar dementias.  Because not only do we have to create awareness about how difficult it is to live with or look after someone with this disease, but we must go far beyond this and learn to relate to each other in different ways. By so doing we will discover the “pure pleasure” of a more honest and profound connection that can take place between two human beings.

If you have some money in your pocket and want to do something worthwhile with it, from Moving your Soul we encourage you to invest it in this wonderful idea.

How you are to me, the Project

Olga Romanillos