Team members

Olga Romanillos, Co-founder of Moving Your Soul, Professional Coach and Trainer

Professional Certified Coach Coach (CTI, ICF), trained on the Validation methodology by Naomi Fail and Co-founder of Moving Your Soul, Otra manera de vivir el Alzheimer. With her work, Olga always seeks that people achieve a greater level of connection with themselves and with others, especially those who, being closer, seem to have gone very far.

Olga has lived firsthand the impact of dementia on her family, through the relationship with her mother, who had more than ten years a Lewis Bodies dementia. She has extensive experience giving lectures and workshops for family members and professional caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s in day care centers and nursing homes.

“When the film that is shown on the Home page of this website was published, I realized that my experience was not unique. So why not looking for and bringing out other voices, like mine, expressing the different ways in which communication and connection with the loved one are possible? Today I am part of this incredible human kaleidoscope.”






Susana García Pinto – Co-founder of Moving Your Soul, Professional Coach and Trainer

Professional Certified Coach Coach (CTI, ICF) and trainer, specialised in the fields of Emotional Intelligence and effective Communication. Susana combines an innate passion for understanding the fundamentals of human connection with her direct experience in Alzheimer’s. She is Co-founder of Moving your Soul, a different way to be with Alzheimer´s and author of “La luz de tu silencio” where she shares her personal journey through dementia alongside her father Facundo, as well as the keys to living the disease in a more conscious and creative way. Since 2012, Susana has partnered with many associations, care homes and the media facilitating talks and workshops for caregivers to people with dementia and spreading the message that a brighter perspective on this disease is possible.

“From my experience as a daughter in the intense journey of Alzheimer’s, and as a passionate professional in the fields of human relationships and communication , being part of Moving your Soul makes possible each day the realization of a dream: to be able to show the world that IT IS POSSIBLE, that there is room for plenty of light in the a priori dark path of dementia.”

Beatriz Ariza – Coach and Community Manager at Moving Your Soul

“So we needed to adopt an approach in relation to Alzheimer’s which would always focus on the person and help overcome the social stigmas that often surround this disease. Beyond the pain and loss, Moving Your Soul invites an in-depth closeness to the person, who not only remains present after diagnosis of the illness, but can even often be seen more clearly, without filters or make-up. Family members of Alzheimer patients can be enriched by this approach, which helps put to one side the sadness, and seeks to grasp the reins in a difficult situation, turning crisis into opportunity, and darkness into light.”

Begoña Gutiérrez Ubierna – REST IN PEACE

We want to give a very special Thank You to Begoña… She is an essential part of Moving Your Soul…

“Picasso has an engraving with three blue spots that colour the skirt, the bust and the face of his first wife, Olga Koklova. The rest of the body are pencil strokes. When I look at it, an overwhelming emotion arises of profound fragility and resonance. All this, by just looking at the stains of blue in her skirt, her bust and her face which is what is highlighted. Accessing dementia from that which remains; accessing the human being who is, this is my leitmotiv. And ‘Moving your Soul’, allows me to create a more beautiful and more honest world, just as the metaphor of Picasso’s picture.”

Carol Westerman, Coach Relations and Organizational Systems

“After witnessing Alzheimer’s disease in my mother for 15 years and counseling families members in the same situation, for me MovingYourSoul represents a platform where to accompany and facilitate the “translation” and better understanding of the Alzheimer’s language amongst those whose lives have felt the impact of dementia.”

Manel Vericat – Engineer and Professional Coach

“Because it brings a different approach; because it focuses our five senses in the human being and because the pain that dementia brings to the relatives of those affected is proportional to the love they feel for that person, a different way to be with Alzheimer’s is possible. For these reasons and more, I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of Moving your Soul.”

Pilar Rueda García Yakar – Coach y Formadora Profesional, CPCC, PCC

“When Olga offered me the opportunity of collaborating in Moving your Soul, I knew I was receiving a gift yet I was not aware of its magnitude nor of the impact it would have in my life.
I strongly believe that one of the greatest challenges we have as human beings is to be able to see each other beyond our circumstances; to connect to the unique being in front of us whoever he or she may be. The challenge is always to be able to go beyond what we assume as a result of our beliefs and the beliefs of our surroundings, to go beyond our fear and rationality, to let us feel the other human being. How much more difficult that must be when we see someone we know slowly loose shared memories, their ability to speak to us, their independence.
This web is pure hope and inspiration. It is a song that reminds us, that shows us, testimony by testimony that a person is much more that what she can do or remember. It reminds us that becoming conscious and putting our focus on love can truly transform even the hardest experiences.
It has been a privilege to be an instrument in the orchestra that brings this song to you so that you can also listen to it and sing it. To all the voices – those that sing here and those that do so with a vibrating silence: Olga, Facundo, Kate, Celia Adriana, Carmen, Giorgio, Jim, Concha and all the others who suffer from dementia whom I have met through this project, my heartfelt gratitude for all they have given me as a person, a mother, a partner, a daughter and a professional. Thank you.”

Nassim Ghrayeb – Professional photographer

“Until I saw Olga’s video, I knew nothing at all about Alzheimer other than the stereotypical. That changed in a moment, seeing the connection she had and the depth of intimacy, it made me think that’s what I yearn for in all my relationships, and what I attempt to capture in my images. From that point, it seemed only natural and very rewarding to be part of this wonderful energy and effort in any way that I can.”


Website design and development team

Behind the website there is also a team of professionals who, together with Olga and the above-mentioned collaborators, have built this space.

They gave shape and form to the website, beginning with its foundations, creating a concept and graphic design suited to the spirit and the objectives of the project, subsequently converting all this into the language of the Internet in order to ensure it would all work as smoothly as silk.

All of them led by the very excellent “orchestra conductor” Cristina Mur (artist and art director) who, with her special sensitivity and positive energy, has been key to ensuring the “musicians” turned into a reality.

“Musicians”: Begoña Aráez, Designer responsible for concept and user experience; Fernando Delgado, web layout, and Pablo Gavilán, web developer.

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  1. It was wonderful to read the information of Dr Stokes. I am a survivor of the Alzheimer’s world. My wife died of Young onset Alzheimer’s disease and to assist my grief and sense of guilt, I wrote notes from my diary with encouragement from family, became a book I Wish I Were A Leper. There are many stories of carers, many of them die on the job. We need to motivate carers to understand the realism of caring, to take care of themselves and to look ahead to post-care.

    • Hi Vince,thank you for posting your message!. I would love to share one of your stories in our blog. Would you send one to us?
      I am fully with you in motivating carers in their difficult journey.