Permission to Feel

Moving Your Soul, Another Way To Live With Alzheimer's

Have you thought that all of the responsibility for your loved one’s well being depends on you?

Have you felt that no one can understand what you are going through witnessing her deterioration?

Have you thought that there is “nothing to be done”?

Have you experienced anger for the injustice that the sickness has brought to your lives?

Have you felt shame when witnessing the behavior of your loved one?

Have you felt you cannot do anything for you, for your own rest or fun because that would be “abandoning” your responsibilities?

Have you felt deep sadness thinking that you have lost that person although she is right in front of you?

Have you sometimes felt that you can communicate with that person even though she is sick?

Have you felt the profound joy of a look, a smile, or a word coming from your loved one that has simply touched your soul?

Have you felt you really want to connect with your loved one but you are not sure how?

Have you experienced conflict amongst the members of your family because of the fear and stress that caring for your loved one brings?

Do you want to have a flowing relationship with your loved one even though she is sick?

If you have answered YES to some of these questions, celebrate that you are a human being and in your own unique way you are in the process of confusion, grief and meeting one another that is natural when your loved one suffers from dementia.

If you want to give space to all you feel and also be with yourself and your loved one in a different manner, maybe you’re interested in trying coaching as a tool to live this process consciously. Contact us for more information: