You are perfect

Mom loves to go for a ride in the car. It is not important to her where we are going. For the small price of two hours, I can bring her the joy of being out. She grins, claps her hands on her legs, and when the mountains come into view, she exclaims, “Oh! Look!”

My spirits are lifted when I feel how happy she is. I know I am doing more for her quality of life than anything else I can conceive. Today we took the short drive to a nearby park and found a high spot to park overlooking the water and the mountains in the distance. A former pilot, she spots the contrails and points them out happily. We remark on the clear blue sky on this sunny day in winter. Canada geese fly over in formation and she immediately tells me how many there are in the flock. And there actually are seven, I am astonished to see. She looks over at me and gives me the most loving smile I have ever seen and says haltingly, “You are perfect!”

This is not the first time my mother has expressed in the most clear and pure way how much she loves me, and I am free with my expressions to her. It is easy, as she has taught me in the last few years, and nothing is more important. I think to myself: “Hold this moment! Someday you will need to remember it!” My eyes fill with tears. And then so do hers. We grin rather stupidly at each other, and laugh. It is a perfect day.

Jeanette Rockers

3 thoughts on “You are perfect

  1. What a beautiful story!! How heavenly that your Mom would say those words to you and express such joy. My Mom was EXACTLY the same way!!! She was so happy when she got in the car!! And she would look over at me and say, “You are my best friend”. Oh the sweetness and the sadness of a Mother you love so much! And almost immediately, you miss her long before she is actually gone. Thank you for the lovely memory.