People with dementia provide a voice in the world that should be heard

These days , after our colleague and friend Begoña has left us, we have been remembering all those days that provided us with her wise presence in Moving your Soul . And part of her legacy is this article we publish today, and, for some reason, was not released at the time she wrote it. In this article Begoña challenges us to look in the deepest part of ourselves, as individuals and as a system. She encourages us to let us walk between light and shadow, and all with the noble aim of making this world a better and more beautiful place. As beautiful and noble as you are, Begoña… ! Curiously, she speaks of Alzheimer as a voice to listen in today’s world, but it is the voice of Begoña what we listen through her written words, a voice at the same time compassionate and provocative, like she was. A voice that must also be heard.

“If one single drop of water contains the secret of the immense ocean, as Kalhil Gibran said, all possible manifestations of life are to be found in one manifestation of the human being. What happens is that we choose what to identify with and we normally do so by choosing between two possibilities. Accepting one with its corresponding subjective evaluation. And discounting another, which also has a subjective evaluation.

So for example we might say: ¨I am an evolved, intelligent being in control of my own destiny”, against “I am not an irrational, stupid being with no control over my destiny¨.

However, that which we reject does not disappear but rather becomes integrated into the part of our soul we call the Shade or Shadow. And this worries us a lot because it is made up of everything we reject of this society and we believe it should disappear from reality in order for it to be healthy and perfect. Without realising that this shade contains everything the world needs to be healthy and perfect.

The shadow becomes illness. When an illness or diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, massively increases within a period of time, there is a very specific message that the system is ignoring. Our fear of confronting this shade or shadow prevents us from moving forwards and therefore healing’. And yet only the courage to face the shadow will save us.

Alzheimer’s is an escape to another planet probably less painful than the one in which reason, productivity, everything fast, young, controlled, rational, logical, material, realistic, etc. reigns, repudiating all of their opposites: the irrational, lack of productivity, the slow, old, corporal, illogical, spiritual, fantastical… Alzheimer’s is a powerful voice for the illness suffered by our system, increasingly early, widespread and more acute.

Moving your Soul, like Percival in the legend of the Grail, confronts the shadow, Alzheimer’s, asking WHAT DOES OUR SYSTEM NEED TO BE COMPLETE? and in this journey to the deepest darkness of the soul, we have found a higher message, one which warns that healthy and perfect systems are the ones that make up the light and shade that allow our soul to keep moving. And this is our contribution, to walk between light and shade, reflecting what is needed to make the world more inhabitable, more beautiful”.

Begoña Gutiérrez Ubierna