My aunt Cate

When I was 14, I used to stay at my auntie´s Cate twice a week. She is my Italian aunt and lives in Barcelona. She is 83 year old and she currently is at a quite late stage of Alzheimer´s disease. She would not recognize anyone but my dad and she barely speaks. I am sharing my story to pay tribute to one of the most privileged minds that I have ever known and to be grateful to her that at a time when I had so many birds on my head, she filled it up with possibilities and challenges.

My auntie Cate always encouraged me to be curious, to question other realities, to deepen in the reading, to imbue the arts with no judgement, just by symply marveling at other minds and other hearts who some day created a piece of art, a picture or a movie, with no impositions, just showing me new paths to explore.

And although we no longer do any of the things we used to do together, from time to time her eyes would shine again as if she wanted to connect with me to let me know: “I am still here, in a different way, but still here”

Carlotta Chiesa, Barcelona, Spain.


Photo Credits: Alan Levine CC Atribution Licence Flickr

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