Music for an encounter

Moving Your Soul, Another Way To Live With Alzheimer's

This morning at the care home.

Me: I love how you play.

Paco:  It’s Albéniz.  I’m glad you’re enjoying the music.  I think life is to be enjoyed, that is why God gave it to us.

Me: I know, it’s just that we have so much always on our minds..

Paco: Ah, the mind, the poor mind…It gets used to whatever we give it.  My father’s got used to wine..

Me: Yes, but music nourishes the soul.

Paco: We have neglected the soul… What beautiful eyes you have, how they shine… They brighten my morning.

Me: Thank you, your music is brightening mine.

Then he took my hand and, tenderly looking at me, he said “may God bless you”. To which I could only reply “may God bless you too ¨.

Paco has had Alzheimer’s for 4 years, and he lives in the care home where my mother is also living.

Today Paco reminded me that to connect with another human being we need simply to look at them and listen to them with our hearts.  A life lesson.


2 thoughts on “Music for an encounter

  1. Los momentos más hermosos nos encuentran siempre por sorpresa. Te felicito por saber reconocerlos.


    David C.S.