Loving like children

With my mother it was a progressive physical and mental deterioration; she started to lose some faculties, but there was one that she never lost, in fact it grew, and that was her ability to love and be loved. We were lucky enough to be with her until she was 92 years of age. During my mother’s last few years we once again found that candour, that charm, those cuddles received as a child, and that her fragility allowed us to give back to her. We could stop behaving like adults.  I think of her and I become emotional thinking again about that enormous LOVE and I give thanks for those aged years which enabled us to return to the love we felt as children. Perhaps the role had changed, but we were once again able to demonstrate that love like children, without inhibitions, with cuddles, with laughter and with smiles, with humility.  Thank you, mum.

Patricia Ferrando