I feel like a rich woman

I feel like a rich woman… Rich in knowledge… 

I began a new stage on my journey of training, growth and learning; an adventure of the kind I like; learning, listening, testing and finding out about a way of being with elderly people who are feeling disoriented.

This stage is that of Validation, a communication methodology that has made me pause my short but intense career.

It has been a hiatus full of activity, of reflection, sharing with professionals who are themselves on their own journeys, a group journey.

I have been able to see how difficult it is, at 36 years of age, to know what it means to be an elderly person, and even more so what it means to be disoriented; although the daily to-ing and fro-ing made me feel a little lost at times.

At a certain point in my life I decided to focus all my efforts, my expertise and my studies to being a good professional, accompanying and providing support to the elderly; and it makes me feel proud to think that there is still so much to learn.

This leads me to re-state that working with people is fantastic, fulfilling and with so many challenges. This is why the Validation stage has taught me so much that has enabled me to become closer to and behave better around disoriented elderly people.

I have made a commitment, first with myself and then with the people I have had the honour, the pleasure and the good fortune of sharing moments full of pure communication.

This makes me feel very rich and fulfilled, as I have been able to make sense of everything I have done: my studies, my experience, the way I am.. and at the same time, the people with whom I have learnt the validation methodology have offered me their experience, their life, their privacy, thoughts and teachings …

I can only repeat the fact that I feel truly wealthy, truly rich in terms of what I have experienced, which has been intense, which has made so much sense and has been so very important in my terms of my training.

So, I urge you to never stop learning, reflecting and sharing everything you are, everything you know, and everything you want to know; and that you may do so with people who can enrich you, as have Guillermina, Amparo, Dionisia, Raül, Olga, Kathia, Freddy, Estrella, Javi, Dolors, Carol, Xavi,Jordi and Naomi.

Duna Ulsamer.